Gamesquare is an Esports content producer and a full-service channel manager for leading Esports talent.

What We Do

Gamesquare鈥檚 mission is to lead the way in bringing high-quality Esports content to both the gaming community, and the mainstream. We work with streamers, players, and teams to maximize their earning potential, which can turn Esports from just a hobby, to a real career. We also produce original content to give the general public unique, in-depth insights into the wonderful world of Esports.

With Esports being a relatively new media category, Gamesquare creates a unique value by combining our team鈥檚 expertise in Esports, media production, and channel management to bring professional-grade content to the Esports ecosystem.
Gamesquare offers a model in which we outright purchase your streaming rights for a fixed fee, find new ways to maximize your earning potential, and pay you an additional percentage of revenues.
Everybody seems to be curious about Esports now, which is why Gamesquare produces content to include interviews with famous Esports players and streamers, as well as documentaries about Esports, so that people can learn more about it.

Channel Management


Getting started

Gamesquare鈥檚 team will work with you to check out your following and see how well we can work together. We will then determine what we can do for you, to maximize the value of your streaming activity.


Getting famous

Our experienced team will help you to increase your follower engagement and view counts through promotional efforts, and the use of analytics. We also have everything that you need to make professional-quality content, including studio space, producers, cameramen, and experienced advisors.


Getting paid

With more views and more engagement comes more money! Gamesquare will not only guarantee you a fixed monthly payment for your streaming rights, but we will also pay you a percentage of overall revenue, thus giving you the best of both worlds.

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